D. - außerplanmäßigen Heeres-Vorschriften

D. - außerplanmäßigen Heeres Vorschrift - unplanned Army Manuals

This series of unplanned army manuals is called the Waffentechnische Heeresvorschriften, the technical manuals for all army sections mainly dealing with weapon systems and various equipment. The manual series is designated unplanned, as these manuals were issued as the specific equipment was taken into action. During the war, new weapons, ammunition and communication equipment were in continuous development. Accordingly, continuously new manuals appeared. Moreover, as the army continuously conquered equipment, manuals for the use and description of this equipment appeared.

The limited number of D. manuals dealing with organisational topics (mainly in the D. 2 to D. 100 range) were planned to be phased out eventually. Many of these were no longer available during the WW-II period. The D. manuals could be ordered by the Vorschriftenabteilung des Heereswaffenambtes Wa.Z. 4, the department of the military armament dealing with the manuals. This office was located in Iebenstraße 1, Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Many D. manuals had the designation Zum einlegen in das Gerät. These manuals belonged to the specific equipment, were to be ordered tegether with the equipment, and should remain with the equipment in case of transfer.

The D. series ran from D. 1 to D. 10000, with a more detailed subdivision indicated below.

Within the D. manuals, the D. 600 - D. 699 range deals with the vehicle park of the Heer army, both german build vehecules as well as conquered vehicles are described. Each vehicle normally has 2 manuals: one describing its use and functionality, and one describing the spare part lists. Moreover, for many vehicles, special manuals for winter use appeared. These were numbered as 200 + the number of the manual on general use, with addition a for 1943 release and b for 1944 release:

  • D. 669/1 Lastkraftwagen 1½ t Opel Baumuster 2,5-32. Gerätbeschreibung und Bedienungsanweisung

  • D. 669/201 Lastkraftwagen 1½ t Opel, Baumuster 2,5-32, Sonderausrüstung für Winterbetrieb. Einbauanweisung, Gerätbeschreibung, Bedienungsanweisung und Ersatzteilliste

  • D. 669-201a Lastkraftwagen 1½ t Opel, Baumuster 2,5-32 Kühlwasserheitzgerät, Sonderausrüstung für Winterbetrieb ; Ausführung 1943. Einbauanweisung, Gerätbeschreibung, Bedienungsanweisung und Ersatzteilliste

  • D. 699-201b Lastkraftwagen 1½ t Opel, Baumuster 2,5-32, Sonderausrüstung für Winterbetrieb ; Ausführung 1944. Einbauanweisung, Gerätbeschreibung, Bedienungsanweisung und Ersatzteilliste

Of nearly 10% of the D. series manuals the title is unknown. Any information on missing titles is welcome.

The secret series of the D. manuals is denoted as D+. In the lower numbers (D.1 till D. 100) the D+ series was additional, meaning that the numbering for D. and D.+ overlapped. Above the 100 numbering the D . and D.+ manuals were suplamentory. Some manuals appear initially as D+ Geheim, while later versions appeared as unclassified D. For the D. 651 - 653 series, many manuals are both listed as the unclassiefied D. and the classified D.+, often with the same date stamp. It is unclear if these series were issued as D. or D.+ or both, although some original manuals suggest they were part of the unclassified D. series. On the other hand, the manuals deal with tanks early classified as Versuchskraftfahrzeug Vs.Kfz. experimental tank, rather than Panzer Kraftfahtzeug Pz.Kfz. tank.

Within the D.+ series, for about half of the manuals the titel and/or the date are unknown. Any additional information on this is appreciated.

D. 1 - D 99 für alle Waffen General use

D. 100 - D. 199 & D. 1851 - D. 1999 Infanterie Infantry troops

D. 200 - D. 399 & D. 2000 - D. 3999 Artillerie Artillary troops

D. 400 - D. 499 Munition Amunition

D. 500 - D. 599 Pioniere Engineering troops

D. 600 - D. 699 Panzertruppe und Heeresmotorisierung Tanks and vehicle park for the army

D. 700 - D. 1499 Nachrichtentruppe Communication troops

D. 700 - D. 799 & D. 7000 - D 7999 Fernsprechgerät Telephone equipment

D. 800 - D. 875 & D. 8000 - D. 8759 Funkgerät (Ausführungs-Vorschriften) Wireless equipment, versions

D. 876 - D. 899 & D. 8760 - D. 8999 Blinkgerät und tierische Nachrichtenmittel Light and animal communication means

D. 900 - D. 1099 & D. 8900 - D. 10999 Funkgerät (Beschreibung) Wireless equipment, description

D. 1300 - D. 1349 Propaganda Propagenda

D. 1350 - D. 1399 Horch, Peil und Auswertegerät usw. Hearing, bearing and evaluation equipment etc.

D. 1400 - D. 1499 Leught- und Signalmittel Light tracer and signaling equipment

D. 1100 - D. 1129 Nebeltruppe und Gasschutz Smoke and gas protection troops

D. 1130 - D. 1150 Nachschub und Verwaltungseinheiten Supply and administration units

D. 1159 - D. 1299 Eisenbahnpioniere Railway engineering troops

D. 1500 - D. 1799 Festungsgerät Stationary defence equipment

D. 1500 - D. 1509 Algemeine Vorschriften Manuals on general topics

D. 1510 - D. 1649 Türme und Kasematten Turrets and gun shelters

D. 1650 - D. 1674 Sondergerät Special equipment

D. 1675 - D. 1699 Sonderwaffen Special weapons

D. 1700 - D. 1734 Ziel- und Beobachtungsgerät Aiming and observation equipment

D. 1735 - D. 1774 Feuerleitanlagen Fire control systems

D. 1775 - D. 1799 Festungsnachrichtengerät Communication equipment for defence works

D. 1800 - D. 1850 Abnahme Acceptance procedures