This section contains manuals that are not registered in the official series.

Heer - Army

Artillerisches Bilderbuch

Die Bilder zeigen das Gerät der leichten Feldhaubitze 16 (l.F.H. 16). Die Bedienung der l.F.H. 16 und der Feldkanone 16 (F.K. 16) ist gleich.

This is a picture book explaining the l.F.H. 16 howitzer and its operation. The set-up is similar to the picture booklet D. 130 Gebrauchsanleitung für M.G. 13 (Dreyse)



Starkstromschutzanweisung (Anhang zur Telegraphenbauordnung)

Nur für den Dienstgebrauch

This booklet gives a complete overview on the characteristics of high voltages installations and cables, the regulations around working with them and their influence on normal telephone networks.  This is a background information booklet belonging to the Telephonbauordnung booklets, regulations for the construction of telephone connections, but w/o the H.Dv. 419 identification.

Februar 1932


Anleitung zur Ausführung von Bindungen und Abspannungen

This booklet gives an overview on how to connect telephone wires to insulators on poles, and how to put tension on these wires.  

August 1932


l. M.G. Bilderbuch

Von einem M.G.-Offizier

This is a picture book explaining the M.G. 08/15 and its operation. The set-up is similar to the picture booklet D. 130 Gebrauchsanleitung für M.G. 13 (Dreyse). Although this l.M.G.-Bilderbuch was published the same year as the D. 130, it was not registerred as außerplanmäßigen Heeres Vorschrift. Maybe because the M.G. 08/15 was already phasing-out at that time. 

The M.G. 08/15 was the attempt at a lightened and thus more portable light machine gun from the standard M.G. 08. This meant that the firepower of a machine gun could be taken forward conveniently by assaulting troops, and moved between positions for tactical fire support; as such, the M.G. 08/15 was to be manned by two trained infantrymen, a shooter and an ammo bearer. This picture book was intended for this training, dealing with handling the machinegun, the use in combat and solving the most common problems.



Straßendeckenarten, die bei Erdarbeiten für versenkte Fernmeldeanlagen vorkommen können

This booklet gives and overview of the different types of road, which are encountered in earth-works when placing underground telephone cables. 

Februar 1935


Merkblatt für die vorübergehende Inanspruchnahme von Kraftfahrzeugen durch die Wehrmacht auf Grund des Wehrleistungsgesetzes vom 13. Juli 1938

This booklet describes the provisions that were taken by the German army when motorized vehicles were confiscated. The confiscation could be effected with or without the owner remaining the driver. Additionally, the ownership of the vehicle could remain at the original owner, or could be transferred to the Wehrmacht.



Geheim !

St:andige Mob. Anweisungen (Zusätze des Gen.Kdes. zum Mob.Plan (Heer))

Heft 1: Mob. Anweisungen des Gen.Kdos. VII A.K.

Gen.Kdo. VII. A.K. Nr. 5700 geh./Ib./E

This is a supplement book with further explanations and corrections on the permanent guidelines for the mobilization plan of the German army. It is listed as classified. 



Friedensstärkenachweisungen des Heeres [F.St.N.(H)]

Heft 7 Nachrichtentruppe Teile A und B

This collection of individual contributions has Friedensstärkenachweisungen (F.St.N.), forces specifications in peace time, as title, but only contains folders for the Kriegsausrüstungsnachweisung (K.A.N.), equipment for the forces in war-time.  More specifically, it specifies the equipment for the l. Nachr.Kol.c (mot), leichte Nachrichen Kolonne c (motorisiert), small signaling troop motorized, and the Gebirgsjäger-Feldersatzkompanie, reserve mountain troops company.

The leaflet therefore lists the equipment essential for the indicated army sections, such as vehicles, weapons, communication equipment, but also individual items such as manuals, gas masks, special pioneering equipment, clothing.

For an almost complete listing of the Sammelbände for the Friedensstärkenachweisungen, see the page Stärkenachweisungen



Handbuch über Bestimmungen betreffend Fürsorgemaßnahmen für die Gefolgschaft des Heeres

Herausgegeben vom Oberkommando des Heeres (Heeresverwaltungsamt)

This handbook contains provisions for the supporting personnel of the army, such as arrangements on food and drink, daycare for their children, housing etc.



Merkblatt für das Erdsprechgerät (NfD)

Oberkommando des Heeres (Befehlhaber des Ersatzheeres)

Wa Prüf 7 (V c)

This leaflet explains the Erdsprechgerät instrument and its use. The Erdsprechgerät was a telephone that could be used for telephone communication through media with high dampening, such as barbed wire and soil. Hence the name Erdsprechgerät. Calling through the soil near a damaged telephone cable that subsequently picks up the signal was called Notferngesprech, while calling using barbed wire was called Weitferngespech. To make Notferngesprech, the instrument was capable of passing the signal up to 5 meter of soil.  For the Weitferngespech on a normal cable, up to 80 km could be bridged. To make a call, an instrument on both sides of the line was required. The instrument was part of the standard equipment of the Festungsnachrichtentruppen to be able to call through damaged ground lines during reparations of the line.

1 November 1939


Geheim ! (bei Einsatz : N.f.D.)

Die Polnische Landesbefestigungen

Stand vom 15.6.1939 - Einzelangaben

Oberkommando des Heeres, Generalstab des Heeres - Az. A a/n 50 - 12 Abt. (III) - Nr. 1350/39 g.

This binder contains a description of the newly erected Polish fortifications, next to the old Russian and German defenses originating from WW-1. It covers defenses in Polen's southern region, against Upper Silesia and Mähren.

It is marked as classified, but once the manual was used in the field, it changes to Nur für Dientgebrauch only for use by the troops.



Richtlinier für den Rechnungsführer

Herausgegeben im Auftrag des Oberkommando des Heeres von der Abrechnungsintendantur der Wehrkreisverwaltung III in Berlin

This booklet is meant for the accounting officer and deals with tips and tricks on accounting: it covers guidelines and points of attention that, based on the experience, do not get sufficient attention by the accounting officers. It is stated in the booklet, that this does not call for updates of existing guidelines, but forms a separate booklet.



Merkblatt Das Schießen mit der Infanterie-Waffen im Winter

H.Qu.O.K.H., den 20.9.1941

Oberkommando des Heeres, Generalstab des Heeres - Gen.b.Inf. - Nr. 200/41

This leaflet is about special care for the infantry weapons for correct functioning in winter conditions. It deals with the rifle, machinegun, light and heavy mortars, the infantry  gun and 5cm PaK. It is marked Merkblatt, but was not listed in the Merkblatt series.



Kampfstoff-Merkblatt für den Soldaten

This single page note provides practical information for the individual soldier on chemical substances used as weapons. It is described how the different groups of chemical substances are identified, what their effect on the human body is, and the measures that the soldier can take, as well as first aid treatments. Such a leaflet was typically intended to stick into the personal paybook, so that each soldier always had it with him. The following categories are differentiated:



Merkblatt für Ausbildung in der Gasabwehr der Division 157

This booklet is for the training of the troops of the Division 157 in gas warfare protection. It was intended to provide a condensed and uniform training to the troops of the Ersatztruppen replacement troops. 

The H.Dv. series provides an extensive list of manuals related to gas warfare defense, and these are referenced throughout this booklet for details.



Tabellenheft zum Merkblatt für die Vermessung der z.b. V.-Stellungen

Geheime Komandosache !

This booklet contains the data and calculations for the conversion of geographical data into the rectangular map coordinates. 



Anleitung zur Herstellung von Bedarfsgütern des Feldheres aus Landeserzeuchnissen

Chef H Rüst u. B d E - Ag B I Gruppe Ausbildung I s - Az. B 25f 12.12 - Nr. 930/43

This booklet describes the use of local crops produced in the occupied areas for the production of food for the German army. The purpose was to relief the demand of the agricultural industry within Germany and the transport of these goods to the occupied areas.

Although this booklet is issued by the Oberkommando des Heeres (Chef H Rüst u. B d. E), it was not issued as a Merkblatt.



Luftwaffe - Airforce

Bemerkungen des Oberbefehlshabers der Luftwaffe zur Ausbildung und zu Übungen im Jahre 1935

Geheim !

This book summarizes the tactical learnings from the regular training, the autumn field exercises and the inspections for the year 1935. These learnings are intended for further improvement of the training goals and methods.



Bilderheft: Flak -Gerät des Auslandes

This picture book is about the Anti-Air guns and supporting equipment of the foreign countries, published on behalf of the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe. It contains bonded individual pages, that were easily substituted and updated. It covers the following topics:



Die chemischen Kampfstoffe

Herausgegeben vom Reichminister der Luftfahrt und Oberbefehlhaber der Luftwaffe

Chef des Ausbildungswesens L. In. 13 Az. 41 a 28 L. In. 13/1 d Nr. 895/39

This booklet contains a description of the effects of the different types of chemical weapons: A) classification and effects, B) Use and impact, C) influence of the weather conditions and ground conditions.

This is a rather standard summary of much more elaborate descriptions such as can be found in:

September 1939


Französische Frontflugzeuge

Der Reichsminister der Luftfahrt und Oberbefehlhaber der Luftwaffe, generalstab 5. Abteilung

This leaflet is intended for aircraft recognition by displaying pictures of the most common French airplanes. It is intended for easy use by the troops.

The other examples of this type of leaflet for airplanes from other nations have been taken up in the Merkblatt series. These are listed below. Apparently, the French airplanes were not considered important enough.

Februar 1940


Russische Aushilfen und Findigkeiten - Sonderausgabe

Examples of the creativity of the Russian army in warfare are described and praised in this booklet. It is richly illustrated and deals with various topics such as airfield preparations, air-transport, building roads and bridges, use of weapons, camouflage and winter warfare in general. The information originates from experiences and observations on the eastern front and is meant to trigger the own troops in self-sustainability and to not "immer nur Hilfe von vorgesetzten Dienststellen anzufordern" only ever request help from superior departments.

Similar editions describing experiences at the front can be found in the Merkblatt series:



Ta 152 H-0 und H-1

Vorläufiges Flugzeug-Handbuch

Elektrisches Bordnetz Beschreibung

This late war manual is about the Focke-Wulf Ta 152, a high-altitude fighter-interceptor. The Ta 152 was a development of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 aircraft. It was intended to be made in at least three versions—the Ta 152H Höhenjäger ("high-altitude fighter"); the Ta 152C designed for medium-altitude operations and ground-attack, using a Daimler-Benz DB 603 and smaller wings; and the Ta 152E fighter-reconnaissance aircraft with the engine of the H model and the wing of the C model. The first Ta 152H entered service with the Luftwaffe in January 1945. The Ta 152 was produced too late and in insufficient numbers to have a significant role in the war. 

This manual is on the description of the electical circuits in the airplane, covering:

Januar 1945


Kreigsmarine - Nary


Merkblatt für die praktische Auswertung von Funkpeilungen

This short note is on the practical evaluation of direction finding of radio signals. It describes the most simple methods to pinpoint the direction from which radio signal are coming from. Therewith, it also describes the most practical methods that can be used at the front for quick assessments. It just decribes the methods, without ging into the theoretical backgrounds.



Sportvorschrift für die Kreigsmarine

I. Teil (Erprobungsentwurf) Kriegsausagbe

O.K.M. 5791 M. Wehr. II f vom 10.6.1938

This is the Kriegsmarine replacement of the Sportvorschrift für die Wehrmacht, H.Dv. 475, M.Dv.Nr. 496. This first volume contains the essential sports education guidelines and topics for the training at the front. The second volume is the handbook for the sports trainers and officers on training. This temporal manual was to be replaced by a permanent manual early 1939 that would capture the learnings and improvements obtained. I have 2 versions of his manual in my collection: the right one is assigned as a Kriegsausgabe war version.

This particular manual was also used for phycological warfare by the British army, as camouflage for the malingering booklet Krankheit rettet. See the malinering webage for more details. The manual would appear to be a normal issue, but the middle part was substituted by the propaganda on malingering: pretending to be ill or causing an injury to yourself to prevent military service or other support to the German war effort.



Kriegsausgabe - PDF

Leitfaden für den Unterricht an der Ausbildungswetterwarte des Marinewetterdienstes

This booklet is an instructional guide for the Naval Meteorological Service training. It was used in the training of the personnel of the weather services for the Kriegsmarine. It deals with a variety of topics, such as an overview of the instruments that are used, weather surveillance on land and on board, wind force measurements, signaling, aerologic maps and much more.



Die Panzerfaust - Lieber Kamerad der Kreigsmarine!

Merkblatt M503/4 (Einzulegen in das Soldbuch)

Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine - Höhere Infanterie-Offizier - SKL Adm. Qu IV Inf.

This is the Kriegsmarine variant of the Heer hands-on instructions for using the Panzerfaust. It actually summarizes all types, being the Panzerfaust Klein, Panzerfaust 30m, Panzerfaust 60m and Panzerfaust 100m. Naturally, the content is rather similar to that of the D.-series:



Organisation Todt - Civil construction organisation


OT Amtsgruppe Technik Abtlg. Hochbau

This 1944 booklet contains design drawings for a series of barracks, that are referred to as Erdhütte in earlier drawings that can be found in the H.Dv. 319/1 Behelfsmaßiges Bauen im Kriege Teil I: Unterkunft from 1941. Although the H.Dv. 319/1 only describes the basics of these barracks, this OT booklet contains many variants of the barrack, ranging from troops, kitchen, latrines, shower's,  garages for cars and trucks and stables for horses. The aim is to use an as simple as possible design, requiring readily available materials, such as poles, planks and cardboard. The design is such that it minimizes the building time nd effort and transport needs for components.

Some aspects of the designs in this booklet are very similar to descriptions in an earlier booklet Merkblatt 62/5 Unterkünfte in Blockbauweise from 1941, such as the doors, windows and roof covers.