H.Dv. - planmäßigen Heeres Druckvorschrift

H.Dv. - planmäßigen Heeres Druckvorschrift - Army Manuals

The H.Dv. series runs from H.Dv. 1 to H.Dv. 499, and covers the basic provisions for and training of personnel in every army section, such as provisions for rights and duties of soldiers, law, travel arrangements, organisational provisions and training for infantry, artillery, cavalry, medical troops, engineering corps, gas fighting troops, signaling troops etc. Besides, specific weapons that was in use as standard equipment by the troops, such as the l.J.G.18 (leichte Infanterie Geschutz 18) or the s.G.W. 34 (schwere Granatwerfer 34) was described in the H.Dv. series.

An extensive part of the manuals covers the firing information for the numerous pieces of artillery that were in service with the geman army throughout WW-2, both from german origin, as captured equipment. These is the H.Dv. 119 series. Special numbering was applied in this series. Besides Schußtafel firing tables assigned to a certain piece of artillerie, there were manuals with immages of the trajectory of shells Flugbahnbilder, Grafische Schußtafel graphical firing tables (metal sheets), Geschützführertafel, and  Handschußtafel condensed firing tables for quick reference. For example, for the leichte Feldhaubitze 18, there existed:

The Heeres Druckvorschriften also contained a classified Geheim series. denoted as H.Dv.g.. This series consists of about 200 known manuals. For the H.Dv.g. 1 to 100 series, the H.Dv.g. manuals were separately numbered from the H.Dv. series, meaning that for certain numbers, both a H.Dv. and a H.Dv.g. existed. Above H.Dv.g. 100, the H.Dv.g. manuals were additional to the H.Dv. series, meaning that (almost) no overlapping numbers exist between the two series. Of only about 4 H.Dv.g. manuals the title is unknown.

High numbers in the H.Dv. series were also used by the troops to make satire manuals. The most common example is the Ausbildungsvorschrift für das Rasieren, traning manual for shaving, which contains a very detailed drawing of a raiser.

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