Militär Geographische Arbeiten

Introduction to the Militär Geographische Arbeiten

The Militär Geographische Arbeiten consist of a collection of publications of the geographical army services, dealing with up-to-date maps and geographic descriptions of the different countries and regions of the world that are useful for the German armed forces. A study of a region or country consisted generally of a description, a collection of maps and a collection of city maps:

All these books and maps were collected in a paper binder.

The list described here has an entry of every individual document that made up a military geographical study. Depending on the size of the study, they were referred to differently. Common naming included Militärgeographische Angaben, Militärgeographische Einzelangaben, Militärgeographische Beschreibung, Militärgeographische Studie and Militärgeographischer Überblick.

Below you can find the reference to the manual that summarizes the publications, as well as the individually published maps. This manual is dated 1943.

Below you find the alphabetical listing of the individual works, and the references to the web pages.

1. August 1942

10. Juli 1943