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Waffen SS

Merkblätter für SS-Artillerie und Flak

Nr. 6 Marschpunkt-Verfahren

SS-Führungshauptamt - Inspection der SS-Artillerie und Flak

This small booklet describes the Marschpuntverfahren, a method for quick determination of best location to set up the battery and the observation to fight a specific target. Both the locations of the battery as the observation post, as well as the target are determined using using maps in combination with outstanding markers in the field that can be recognized on the maps. Once the target and the ideal positions have been determined on the map, orders for the mobile battery are given to march to its firing position.



Organisation Todt - Civil construction organisation


OT Amtsgruppe Technik Abtlg. Hochbau

This 1944 booklet contains design drawings for a series of barracks, that are referred to as Erdhütte in earlier drawings that can be found in the H.Dv. 319/1 Behelfsmaßiges Bauen im Kriege Teil I: Unterkunft from 1941. Although the H.Dv. 319/1 only describes the basics of these barracks, this OT booklet contains many variants of the barrack, ranging from troops, kitchen, latrines, shower's,  garages for cars and trucks and stables for horses. The aim is to use an as simple as possible design, requiring readily available materials, such as poles, planks and cardboard. The design is such that it minimizes the building time nd effort and transport needs for components.

Some aspects of the designs in this booklet are very similar to descriptions in an earlier booklet Merkblatt 62/5 Unterkünfte in Blockbauweise from 1941, such as the doors, windows and roof covers.